API Endpoints for Deals

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Retrieve Deal

Create Deal

Update Deal

Delete Deal

Search Deals

Attach Associations to Deal

Detach Associations From Deal

Sync Associations To Deal

Change Deal Status

This endpoint is deprecated, use the deal update endpoint and provide the status attribute.

Any of ['open', 'won', 'lost']

Deal Products

Use the endpoint to manage the deal products, making HTTP request to the same method, you can add new and update existing products to a deal.

Please note that the products resource is different from deal products, the products resource is used only to create predefined and a list of products so you can easily use the product information when linking products to deals.

When adding deal products, Concord CRM creates a billable object with tax information and products, in this case when adding products to the deal, you are adding products to the deal billable object with help of the predefined products.

Keep in mind that the predefined products are not affected by the products that are managed for the deal, the deal products are maintaning a separate state and using only the product_id attribute to link the deal product to the original product.

Array of products to be attached to the billable object
See Product Metadata below
Any of ['exclusive', 'inclusive', 'no_tax']

If not provided, the default selected tax type in Settings -> Products will be used.

Product metadata