Sales Proposal Software

Self hosted sales proposal software with easy to use editor, trackable proposals and digital signatures.

What is Sales Proposal Software?

Proposal software gives the ability business owners to manage documents such as business proposals, contracts, quotes, agreements.

Most proposal softwares includes feature like digital signature, editor to build the proposal, tracking, notifications.

Concord CRM documents software feature includes digital signature, sending documents to multiple recipients, tracking when the document was viewed and multiple branding feature to create documents for multiple subsidiaries.

  • Digital signature
  • Receive notification when the proposal is opened
  • Generate PDF documents from proposal
  • Proposal editor with tons of predefined snippets
  • Create templates to save time
  • Display products to proposal
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Start Sending Good Looking Proposals

Use sales proposal software to automate your sales proposal development, build and send proposals in minutes, collect digital signatures and get notified when customer signs or opens a proposal.

Key Features

  • Proposal Software Editor

    Utilize our user-friendly, built-in proposal editor to craft visually appealing proposals and expedite your deal-closing process.

  • Predefined Editor Snippets

    Access a tons of predefined snippets tailored for various industries, enabling you to swiftly create proposals and save valuable time.

  • Predefined Editor Templates

    Create predefined templates and share them with your team members quicker and more efficient proposal creation process.

  • Digital Signatures

    Collect multiple signatures at the time the proposal is signed immediately legally bind the proposal.

  • Simple One-Click PDF Generation

    Effortlessly generate a proposal PDF document from your proposal with a straightforward, single click, making sharing and printing easier than ever.

  • Multiple Brands

    Create and manage multiple brands, each with its unique logo and navigation color, all without requiring separate Concord installations for managing subsidiary brands.

Make Proposal Development Faster

Proposal Features

Monitor Proposal Engagements: Track all actions with our proposals. Every sales rep or customer move is recorded, allowing you to monitor interactions and stay updated on proposal developments.
E-Signatures: Speed up agreement processes with Concord CRM's e-signature feature. Easily collect digital signatures on documents, capturing each signer's details like IP address, signing time, email, and name for a secure record of authenticity.
Send Proposals: Use our feature to send documents directly. Pre-select signers to make sending proposals easy and integrated, ensuring documents reach the right people without external tools.
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Benefits of Sales Proposal Software

Using proposal development software has a lot of benefits, here a few of them:

  • Saves Time

    It does the boring stuff for you, like filling in templates, and using placeholders that are automatically populated based on the customer data, so you can get proposals done fast. This lets your sales team think more about selling and less about paperwork.

  • Keeps Things Looking Good

    It uses predefined templates and a sales proposal builder to make sure all your proposals look sharp and match your brand. This makes your business look more professional.

  • Pricing Tables

    It helps you get your prices right by using tools to automatically add pricing tables to the proposal. This means fewer mistakes in your proposals.

  • Electronic Signatures

    Your customers can sign the proposals online, speeding up the approval process since there's no need to print, sign, and scan documents.

  • Helps You Win Deals Quicker

    With cool features like digital signatures and instant updates, you can get your proposals signed off faster. This means you can make sales quicker.

  • Professional Appearance

    First impressions matter. Sales proposal software helps create sleek, professional-looking proposals that can impress potential clients. These proposals can include multimedia elements like images and videos, making them more engaging than a standard document. A well-presented proposal can make your business stand out and help build trust with your clients.

  • Reduces Errors

    Manual proposal creation is prone to errors, such as typos or outdated information. Proposal development software minimizes these mistakes by storing up-to-date information and content in one place. This ensures that every proposal is accurate, reflecting well on your company's attention to detail and professionalism.

  • Gives You Helpful Tips

    It comes with tools that analyze your proposals and tell you how they're doing. This information can help you make even better proposals in the future.

Simple, fixed and affordable pricing.

Affordable sales proposal software with everything a company needs to start closing deals, includes contact management software, deal and pipeline management and many other features.

No commitment, really.

Concord CRM has dead simple pricing. Our pricing model is fixed with one time fee, includes 6 months of support, access to new releases, auto-updates, unlimited number of users and let's not forget, it's self-hosted CRM.

  • 6 months free support
  • Unlimited everything
  • Full source code
  • Lifetime license

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