Brands Settings

Creating additional brands allows ultimate flexibility while working with Concord CRM, the brands feature allows you to send different types of documents, for example, if you have a company subsidiary, you can create new brand with different logo, navigation color etc... without the need to have a separate Concord installation for managing subsidiaries.

You Concord CRM installation comes with a default brand that can be further adjusted as per your company requirements and branding.

To edit or create new brand follow the steps below.

  • While logged-in as admin user navigate to Settings->Brands.
  • To create new brand click the Create Brand button or to edit a brand click on the brand name.
  • The brand settings are pretty self-explanatory, adjust them as per your company/subsidiary preference.
  • Click Save.

When you're in the create or edit page of a document, you'll notice the drop down menu has your multiple brands listed and you can select the brand you want to associate the document to.

Brand Visibility

By default the brand that you will create is visible to the entire company, however, if needed, the visibility of the brand can be adjusted by teams or users.

In this case, when the visibility of the brand is restricted to specific teams or users, only the users that are able to view the brand will be able to select/view the brand e.q. when creating a new document.

Adjusting the visibility of the brand will make sure that sales agents that are not related to the brand won't be able to create data related to this brand e.q. create a document related to a restricted brand.

Default brand

As noted before your Concord CRM installation comes with a default brand, however, based on your company preference you can change the default brand, the default brand will be always by default selected e.q when creating a new document.

To mark brand as a default, either when creating new brand or editing a brand, check the This the the company default brand? option.