Brands Settings

Enhance your Concord CRM experience by creating and customizing multiple brands for different business needs, such as managing subsidiaries.

Setting Up and Customizing Brands

  • Flexibility: Use different brands for various types of documents and subsidiaries.
  • Default Brand: Your Concord CRM comes with a default brand, customizable to match your company's branding.

Creating or Editing a Brand

  1. Access Brands:
    • As an admin, go to Settings -> Brands.
  2. New Brand:
    • Click Create Brand for a new one.
  3. Edit Existing Brand:
    • Click on an existing brand name to modify it.
  4. Adjust Settings:
    • Tailor the brand settings to your needs.
  5. Save:
    • Click Save to apply changes.

When creating or editing documents, you can select from your brands via a dropdown menu.

Brand Visibility

Control who can see and use your brands within the company.

  • Default Visibility: New brands are visible to everyone by default.
  • Customize Access: Limit visibility to specific teams or users.
  • Use Case: Restricting access ensures only relevant team members can use or view the brand, like when creating new documents.

Default Brand

Your installation includes a default brand, which can be changed to suit your organization’s needs.

  • The default brand is automatically selected for new documents, streamlining the document creation process.
  • Setting a Default Brand: Check the This is the company default brand? option when creating or editing a brand.