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Self hosted CRM that helps manage companies, contacts, deals, and emails, with activities to remind you of the next actions that need to be taken to successfully close a sale.

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Excellent deals management feature

Deals management crm with ability to create custom pipelines, track the deal progress via stages with custom win probability that can be tailored to fit any company sales workflow.

Concord CRM Deals Kanban

Sales Pipeline Appointment Scheduled

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Deals management has never been easier

Deals kanban CRM pipelines with drag and drop, custom card color and advanced filters that will help you to focus on what matters next.

  • Create multiple pipelines with custom stages
  • Drag and drop board with ability to add custom cards colors per deal
  • Send direct emails to deal contacts and companies
  • Assign deal to sales agent
  • Add notes, log calls, create follow-up activities with reminders
  • Create deals and contact from a received email

Built-in 2-way sync email client

Concord CRM simplifies the way sales agents does email communication with the bult-in 2-way sync email client that supports multiple accounts, personal and shared.

Concord CRM 2 Way Email Sync Client

Send emails from your self hosted CRM

Manage your emails conversions in unified self hosted CRM solution where the received emails are automatically linked to the contact.

  • Connect personal and shared (company) email accounts
  • Associate emails to many contacts, companies and deals
  • Convert email to deal, activity or contact
  • Connect regular IMAP account, Gmail or Outlook
  • View emails conversations directly via contact, company or deal
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Adjusting forms, table columns and applying custom default sort has never been easier. We've worked hard to create customizable CRM and deal management application to provide features that will save time and increase productivity for a one time fee.

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  • Products

    Concord is a CRM with a products management feature, create products that your company is selling to potential clients and insert the predefined products in deals so you and your sales reps can have a clear overview of what products the deal is related to and auto-update the deal total amount based on the added products.

  • Make Calls & Log Calls

    You can log and associate calls with records, for example, you can log calls on deals, contacts, and companies. Use our Twilio integration to
    make calls via Concord CRM, it's that simple, just a click to make a call and take notes directly on the contact profile while talking on the phone.

  • Powerful insights

    Deals management crm dashboard allows you to see what is happening in your company and how the sales reps are handling the deals, if the default dashboard is too bloated for you, there the ability to create separate dashboards with your favorite insights cards and mark the dashboard as default.

  • Roles & Permissions

    Organize your sales reps with different roles and permissions. You can choose what the sale representative can see and manage when logged-in in the Concord CRM dashboard.

Organization and Customizability

  • Advanced Filters

    You can use advanced filters to segment your data and easily identify the next step your sales reps need to take, save filters and re-use them for later, share them with other team members or mark you favorite filter as default. And one more thing, you can filter by the custom fields you added as well.

  • Customizable Fields

    The default fields are not suitable for your requirements? You can create new custom fields, and re-order the existing and hide fields as per your needs. You can tailor your Concord CRM as your business requires.

  • Fully Customizable

    We know that not all businesses are the same, but no worries, we've got you covered, Concord CRM offers customizable options and features that can be tailored for Your company requirements, we even add custom translator tool directly in your Concord CRM dashboard for multi language support.

  • Contacts & Companies Management

    Manage and create an unlimited number of companies and contacts, add notes, record calls and have a clear overview of all the deals, past communication, and notes. Save time and start managing your companies and contacts via your contact management software.


  • Send Emails

    Concord CRM has a built-in email client that you can use to communicate with your clients directly from the dashboard or the contact profile. Stop going forward and backward to your existing CRM and email client. Emails can be associated with contacts, companies, and deals and be available directly in their profiles.

  • Saved Mail Templates

    Use the mail templates feature to create common answers for your frequently received emails. Answer the emails you receive blazingly fast with only few clicks.

  • Activities & Reminders

    Our activities feature is crafted for your workflow and will help to
    increase company productivity, create follow-up activities, add custom reminder dates for you or your team members, add comments, and never forget to call the client again.

  • Mentions

    @mention team members in notes, calls, comments
    and collaborate faster.
    After a team member is mentioned, he will receive an email and notification in the Concord CRM dashboard.


  • 1 click update

    Time is valuable, for this reason, we added 1 click update feature in your self hosted crm that will update your installation to the latest version whenever a new version with new features and bug fixes is released, no more manually copying files.

  • Web Forms

    Stop adding contacts and deals manually, embed web forms on your websites, and let the contacts come as they visit your website. Create an unlimited number of lead web forms and integrate the form on your website or share the link directly. Once the form is filled, the deal will be created in your Concord CRM dashboard.

  • Patcher

    Concord CRM consists of a patcher feature to help resolve bugs and provide small enhancements easily without releasing a new version just to fix a small bug. Providing patches to our customers when an issue exists is our top priority in order to provide you with the best experience when working with Concord CRM.

  • Translator

    Multi-language support out of the box, you can translate Concord CRM and use it in different languages, with our built-in translator translate your Concord CRM installation directly via the dashboard, no more manually editing files.

2-way calendar synchronization

Stop trying to sync calendar events manually, sync your Concord CRM activities to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar automatically anytime an activity is created or updated.

Get the most of your calendar

Keep track of your upcoming activities in both Concord CRM calendar and in your favourite calendar provider.

  • 2-way calendar synchronization with Google calendar and Outlook calendar
  • Choose which activities to be synchronized to the connected calendar
  • Each sales reps can connect synchronization for calendar separately
  • Never miss a meeting
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2 Way Calendar Synchronization

With dark mode support

Deals management CRM with dark mode support, crafted especially for the late nights.

Card on dark mode

Simple, fixed and affordable pricing

Everything you need to start closing deals, includes contact management software, deals management and many other features.

No commitment, really.

Concord CRM has dead simple pricing. Our pricing model is fixed with one time fee, includes 6 months of support, access to new releases, auto-updates, unlimited number of users and let's not forget, it's self-hosted CRM.

  • 6 months free support
  • Unlimited everything
  • Full source code
  • Lifetime license

Tools to help you close deals faster

Concord CRM offers tools that will help you close your deals faster and increase your sales reps productivity.

Activity Reminders

With our activities feature, receive due reminders for follow ups, calls, meetings and any custom activity types, never forget anything about your potential customers and close deals faster.

Automation Workflows

Do you need to assign an activity when a deal enters a specific stage or when a company is created? Or make an HTTP request to an external service? This can be automated with a few clicks.

Built in API

The backend API Concord CRM uses, you can use it too, make HTTP requests and create contacts, deals, companies from any service or forms directly in Concord CRM dashboard.

Best CRM Software for small and medium businesses

Concord CRM helps small and medium businesses to increase revenue, productivity and close deals, choose the best CRM for small business now.

Resource Record Profile See Concord CRM Demo

Explore Concord CRM demo and see why it's the best CRM for small business.

Connects with your favorite apps

Connects with your favorite apps to help manage your sales process even easier, with various tools and integrations like Zapier, you can automate all the tedious manual tasks, the sky is the limit of what you can achieve.

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Questions? Check our FAQ below.

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What are the server requirements? Check our documentation to get more familiar with Concord CRM server requirements.
Can I perform multiple installations with one license? Unfortunately not, the licences are single-end products, this means that one license is valid for 1 installation, if you need to perform multiple installations, you will need to purchase additional license for each installation/website.
Is installation included with the purchase? There is no installation services included with your purchase/license, installation may vary from server to server, for this reason at this time, we cannot provide installation services, however, the installation is dead simple, make sure to check the docs to get more familiar.
What are the payment options that are accepted? We process all the payments via Envato market, they accepted the following payment options:
  • Your bank account or credit/debit card via PayPal.
  • Skrill (available for non US customers only)
  • Your Visa or Mastercard.
How many users can I add to Concord CRM? You can add unlimited number of users as long your server can handle the load.
Can Concord CRM be used as SaaS? Yes only with the Extended License, please keep in mind that we don't provide SaaS ready code, you will need to adjust the code based on your requirements. At this time we don't have plans to provide SaaS ready code.
I'm a customer and I need support, where should I ask? If you need assistance, please login to your Concord CRM account and click Tickets from the top menu to open a support ticket with us.
Can I customize the code for my requirements? Of course, after purchase, you will be able to explore and customize the code, keep in mind that customization is not included in support. Make sure to check our docs for more information.
Can I White Label Concord CRM? Unfortunately you cannot.
Are there hidden costs or fees? Absolutely not, your Concord CRM purchase comes with a lifetime license and 6 months of included support. After the 6 months, if you need assistance, you will need to renew your support, read more about support.