General Settings

Concord CRM offers various configuration options to adjust the make your experience betters, to adjust the settings from the the main menu click on the Settings menu item.

You must be logged in as an administrator to interact with the settings.

Dark Logo

The dark logo is displayed on the login/authentication pages.

Light Logo

The light logo is displayed after you log-in in the dashboard, usually used for the sidebar.


Chose the system default currency, note that only one currency is supported.

System Email Account

If you have previously connected inbox email accounts, you should choose one of the connected email accounts to act as a general email account that the system will use to send system-related emails like password reset, user assigned to contact, activity due reminders, etc...

When selected Gmail account, all the system sent emails will be saved to Gmail sent folder, for other email accounts the emails won't be saved in the sent folder, however, you are free to purge the Gmail sent folder from time to time if you don't want them to take your space.

Allowed Upload Extensions

Coma separated extensions to be whitelisted for file storage.

Require Calling Prefix On Phone Numbers

Most call integrations are requiring phone numbers to be in E.164 format. Enabling this option will make sure that no phone numbers are entered without a country-specific calling prefix.

Concord CRM will use various techniques to auto add the phone number calling prefix, if unsuccessful, you will need to enter the correct calling number manually.

Privacy Policy

If your company does not have a privacy policy URL, Concord CRM can help you create one easily, you can use this privacy policy for own purposes or for example, if you need to verify Google integration.


Date Format

Configure the system general date format.

Time Format

Configure the system general time format.

Updating the date format and time format settings won't affect your user account settings as these settings are general, update the same settings in your user account instead.