Concord CRM provides an option that will allow you to customize the fields your company needs, customization can be applied for Contacts, Companies, Deals and Products for a specific view (detail, update, create).

Depends on your company industry, you may want to mark specific fields as required, change it's display order or hide it, Concord CRM gives you the ability to adjust the fields depending on your company requirements.

Note that the Concord CRM primary fields cannot be turned off or collapsed.

Use the dragging indicator icon on the right side to re-order fields as per your workflow.

Detail Fields

The detail fields section is related when you are viewing the record profile, for example, viewing single deal, contact, company etc..., in most cases the fields are placed on the left sidebar.

You can use this section to turn off fields that your company does not need, so there is a clear overview of the most important fields for your company when any sales agent visits the record profile.

The detail fields are also supporting an option to "Collapse fields", this means that the field will be available in the record detail view but will be hidden by default, then you can use the button "X more fields" to expand the collapsed fields.

Creation Fields

The create fields section is related to the section where you create records, for example, when you navigate to create Contact, the fields shown on the form will be taken into account based on this config.

Collapsing (hidden by default) fields on create view is not supported.

Update Fields

The update fields section is related when you are editing a record via a form, for example, when you use the click the edit icon when viewing a resource index view or when you open the edit modal via detail view.

The fields are also used when viewing a record via a record detail, for example, when you are located at deal detail view and you click on a related contact from the left sidebar "Contacts" section as well they are used on bulk edit action.

The update fields are also supporting an option to "Collapse fields", this means that the field will be available on the update form but will be hidden by default, then you can use the button "X more fields" to expand the collapsed fields.

Use the dragging indicator icon on the right side to re-order fields as per your workflow.

Resetting Fields

If for some reason you are not satisfied by your config, you can reset fields for a specific section by clicking on the Reset button, the fields, in this case, will be reset to the application default state.

Resetting the fields, does not delete the custom fields nor delete any previously added options for the fields, the reset feature just reset the fields initial visibility, whether the field is required and it's order.

Edit Fields

For the custom fields you create, you can use the edit button on the right side to edit the field options, however, for some fields that contains options like Source, Lead Status, Industry etc... you can click on the right edit icon for the field you want to edit these options.

Custom Fields

We know that all companies works differently and in some cases, the default fields that comes with Concord CRM may not be suitable for your company workflow and requirements.

For this reason, Concord CRM supports custom fields, the custom fields feature can be used to add fields in the forms like contact create, view etc, currently the resources that support custom fields are Contacts, Companies, Deals and Products.

To create new custom field follow the steps below.

  • Navigate in Settings -> Fields and select the resource you want to create custom field.
  • Click the top right + Add New button.
  • Select field type, currently supported field types are:

    • Boolean

      Single checkbox field

    • ColorSwatch
    • Checkbox

      This field is not sortable when shown on table

    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Email
    • MultiSelect

      This field is not sortable when shown on table

    • Number
    • Numeric

      Field used to add formatted money value in your selected currency

    • Radio
    • URL
    • Select
    • Text
    • Timezone
    • Textarea

      This field cannot be applied in filters

If you selected field that accept options like Checkbox, MultiSelect, Select, Radio, click on the + (plus) icon to add new option that you can use to select when viewing/creating record.

  • Add Field Label, used to represent the field purpose.
  • Add Field ID, internal field id, only alpha characters (a-z) and underscore (_) accepted.
  • If you want the field to be required when filling a form, check the required option.
  • Click Save

After you create the field, the field will be available and visible for details, update and creation by default, if you don't need the field to be visible for example, when creating new record, you can mark it as not visible.

Product related custom fields cannot be used in calculations nor displayed in the billable products table.

Unique Custom Fields

Based on your company industry, you may add VAT ID, Passport Numbers, Social Security Numbers, and similar data as custom fields and designate them as unique fields.

Using unique custom fields, Concord CRM will prevent the generation of a duplicate records that contains an already-existing unique custom field value.

Unique custom fields are essential for handling duplicate entries from a variety of sources, including web forms, Zapier, imports, APIs, and manual record creation.

  • You can create unique custom fields for the following resources: contacts, companies and products.
  • Only the custom fields of type Text, URL, Email, and, Number can be marked as unique.
  • Unique custom fields are globally searchable (top search bar).

To create a unique custom field, while creating new field check the option "Do not allow duplicate values", note that you can mark custom field as unique only when creating the field.

Show Custom Field On Table

The custom fields you will create for a resource, can be shown the resource table too.

  • Navigate to the resource list view.
  • Click the ellipsis button located on the top right side.
  • Click List settings
  • Find the custom field you created before and you want to be shown on the table and select to be visible.
  • Click Save.

The custom fields can be applied as filters on the resource table too.

Search Custom Fields

The following custom fields support direct searching from list view (table) search bar:

  • Text
  • URL
  • Email
  • Number
  • Numeric
  • Timezone

For other fields (Checkbox, Multi Select etc...), if the field can be used in filters, you will need to apply filters in order to perform a search.

Custom fields (except unique) cannot be used to perform search via the top global search bar.

Special Fields


Concord CRM comes with predefined industries which will be suitable for most requirements, however, if you need to create new or modify existing industries you can do this in this section.

The industries are used for the "Industry" field, to select an industry for the company so you can have an indicator in what industry this company belongs to.

By choosing industries for your companies you can use filters to segment your data and easily identify companies to work on and follow up with each segment with specific actions.

To create custom industry or edit existing, navigate to Settings -> Fields -> Companies and find the Industry field either in view or create fields and click on the right edit icon.


The sources are a predefined set of sources to indicate from where the record (e.q. company or contact) come, this is a very important feature to use because you will have a clear overview from what source you are most getting your potential clients and you can use the source later to give your focus to that specific source that performed well and get more potential clients.

By defining these sources and then using saved filters to segment your contacts, when you need to work on potential clients gathered from a specific source.

Concord CRM comes with a variety of predefined sources, which can be edited in Settings -> Sources according to your requirements.

Currently, the source field is available for companies and contacts.

To create custom source or edit existing source, navigate to Settings -> Fields -> [Resource Name] and find the source field either in view or create fields and click on the right edit icon.

Next Activity Date

The "Next Activity Date" field is available for contacts, companies and deals.

This field is designated as "read-only" and operates in an automated manner. It dynamically updates based on the upcoming activities associated with the respective record. This data synchronization occurs in the background, with a cron job refreshing it every 5 minutes.

The build-in "Next Activity Date" field can be used in filters to properly segment you data and close deals faster.

Keep in mind that you will need a properly configred cron job in order the next activity date to be updated.