Twilio Integration

Configure Twilio

Concord CRM Twilio integration allows you to make calls from the application and also receive incoming calls on a Twilio phone number.

You will need to configure the integration and purchase a Twilio number with voice capabilities enabled in order to start making calls.

Your application must have SSL Certificate and be served over HTTPS in order the Twilio integration to work properly.

Additionally, make sure to check the Twilio supported browsers by clicking here.

To get started with the integration, follow the steps below.

  • If you don't have a Twilio account already, register for a Twilio account.
  • Login to your Twilio console.
  • Copy the Account SID and Auth Token and in Concord CRM, add the credentials in Settings -> Integrations->Twilio

  • After you add the credentials, click Retrieve Numbers.
  • Select the number you want to receive and make calls.
  • After you select number, click Create Application.
  • Click Save.

You should make sure that you will use the phone number you selected in Concord CRM only, if you use the phone number in other applications, your other applications won't work as in this case, Concord CRM created application will use the phone for calls.

Make sure that your Concord CRM installation is publicly available, as Twilio uses Webhooks and makes requests to the application i order to initiate new call.

Debugging Twilio

If for some reason your integration does not work on your Concord CRM installation, you can take additional steps to debug why the integration is not working using Twilio debugging tools.

  • In your Twilio account, via the top search bar, search for "Debugger"
  • Click on the Debugger link from the result.
  • If there are errors logged, you will be able to see list of the errors.
  • Click on the last few errors so you can inspect them, in most cases, there will be an explanation why the error occurred.

Common issues for your Twilio integration not is not working fine are the following:

  • Your Concord CRM installation is not publicly accessible

    If you are using any authentication like htpasswd or blocking access to the outside world to your installation URL, you won't be able to use the Twilio integration.

  • You are trying to test the integration with Twilio trial account and your 'To' number is not verified.

    You attempted to initiate an outbound phone call from a trial account, but the 'To' number you specified is not a verified number for your account. In order to make calls during a free trial, you must first verify your ownership of the phone number being called.

    You can verify phone numbers from the phone numbers section of your account Twilio portal.

  • Geo Permission configuration is not permitting call

    You attempted to initiate an outbound phone call to a phone number that is not enabled on your account. Please check your Voice Dialing Geographic Permissions, fix it, and try again.