Microsoft Integration

To use Microsoft integration, you will need to register an application in the Microsoft Azure portal, sign in (if you don't have an account yet) to the Microsoft Azure using either work, school account or a personal Microsoft account.

Make sure that your Concord CRM installation is publicly available and uses the https protocol, as Microsoft uses Webhooks and makes requests to the application in order to synchronize calendar events.

Register New Azure Application

  • Go to Microsoft Azure App Registrations.

  • Click New registration.

  • Application name

    Enter a meaningful application name that will be displayed to users of the app.

  • Supported account types

    Select Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)

  • Redirect URI

    • Choose platform Web
    • In the Redirect URI field add your Concord CRM installation URL and append /microsoft/callback, for example

You can retrieve your Microsoft Redirect URI in Concord CRM Settings -> Integrations->Microsoft

Add Permissions

After you create the application you must add the required permissions for the application.

  • Go to the application you just created.
  • On the sidebar click API Permissions.
  • Click Add a permission.

  • Click on Microsoft Graph.

  • Click on Delegated Permissions.

  • Search and select the following permissions:
    • Mail.ReadWrite
    • Mail.Send
    • MailboxSettings.ReadWrite
    • Calendars.ReadWrite
    • openid
    • offline_access
    • User.Read (if not already selected)

After you add all the permissions, your permissions table should look like this:

Generate Microsoft Application Client Secret

  • On the sidebar click Certificates and secrets.
  • Click the Client secrets tab.
  • Click New Client Secret.

  • Add meaningful description e.q. "Concord CRM Secret".
  • Set expires to "24 months".
  • Click "Add".

After you create the secret, copy the new client secret value. You won't be able to retrieve it after you perform another operation or leave the Certificates and secrets page.

Add Application ID And Secret Key In Concord CRM

Now, the final step is to add the application id and the secret key in Concord CRM.

  • In Concord CRM, navigate to Settings -> Integrations->Microsoft.
  • In the App (client) ID field, add your Microsoft Application ID, check the image below to find out from where to get the application id.

  • In the Client Secret field, add the secret key you created and copied in the previous step.
  • Save Settings.


Server Error - 403 Forbidden

Sometimes, after linking your account through the calendar feature or adding it as an email account, you might face a 403 Forbidden Error just after the account authorization and redirection to Concord CRM.

This issue often occurs if your server's firewall is in place and is not set up correctly, like with mod_security rules.

In such situations, you should turn off the firewall either temporarily or permanently and attempt to connect the account again.