The calls feature is available for contacts, companies and deals, the feature allows you to log calls manually or make and receive calls via Concord CRM using Twilio.

Log Calls

The log calls feature is useful when you performed a call outside of Concord CRM dashboard calling tool, in this case, to keep up to-date you and your team members you can log the call so all team members are up to date with the latest information for the company, contact or deal.

To log a call for contact, deal or company, you can navigate to the record profile and click on the Calls tab.

  • Click on "Log Call" button.

  • Select an outcome

  • Select date when the call was performed.

  • Describe the call in the call description field.

  • If you want to create follow-up task regarding the call, for example, if you need to call the client again, you can do this by checking the Create Follow Up Task option and select the appropriate date as per your needs.

  • Click Log Call.

If you selected "Create Follow Up Task" the task will be automatically created with the proper date and associations and will be automatically assigned to the user who logged the call.

Make a Call

For example, to call contacts from Concord CRM, as prerequisite, you will need first to configure Twilio integration, if you haven't configured the integration make sure to check the docs before proceeding to make a call.

To make a call for contact, deal or company, you can navigate to the record profile and click on the Calls tab.

  • Click the Make a phone call button.

    If multiple numbers exists, you will need to choose the appropriate phone number, Concord CRM will show all related phone numbers from, for example, when you are viewing a contact, you will see the contact phone numbers, the associated contact companies phone number etc...

  • After the phone is initiated, you will be able to see the call bar as shown on the image below.

Use the call bar top options to select microphone or speaker if it's needed for your requirements, Concord CRM by default uses your computer default speakers and microphone.

  • When the call is finished, use the log call feature to log the call for the record.

All calls are visible to the team members that are able to view the record.

Editing And Deleting Calls

  • Navigate to the record profile.
  • Click on the Calls tab.
  • Find the call you want to delete or edit.
  • On the top right side, click the ellipsis button and then click edit or delete depending on the action you want to perform.

A call can be edited or deleted by the user who created it, or by a Super Admin.

Handling Incoming Calls

Concord CRM streamlines call management for sales agents with integrated call notifications and automated workflow options.

Incoming Call Notification

  • Visual Alert:
    • A green top ringing card appears when there's an incoming call while logged into Concord CRM.
  • Audio Alert:
    • If your speakers are on, you'll hear an audible ring indicating an incoming call.

Missed Call Management

  • Workflow Integration:
    • Configure a workflow to automatically create an activity for missed calls.
  • Follow-Up Efficiency:
    • This ensures you can easily follow up on missed calls, maintaining continuity in client communication and opportunity tracking.

This feature enhances real-time communication capabilities within Concord CRM, ensuring sales agents can promptly respond to calls or follow up on missed connections effectively.