Perform Update

    Learn the steps to update your Concord CRM, whether using the convenient one-click method or performing a manual update.

    Backup is Crucial: Always back up your files and database before starting the update process. This ensures your data is safe in case of any issues.

    One-Click Update

    Ease of Use: The one-click update is a straightforward way to upgrade your CRM to the latest version.

    Manual Update

    When Needed: Use manual update if you encounter server issues or prefer a hands-on approach.

    Manual Version Check: Concord CRM does not automatically alert you about new versions. Remember to check for updates periodically.

    Performing Auto Update

    Easily keep your Concord CRM up-to-date with the auto-update functionality.

    Auto Update Requirements

    Ensure your server meets the following criteria for a successful auto-update:

    • PHP Zip Extension: Required for processing the update files.
    • Memory Limit:
      • Minimum of 128 MB PHP memory (automatically adjusted if server configurations permit).
    • Execution Time:
      • A PHP max_execution_time over 240 seconds is ideal (auto-adjusted if allowed by server settings).

    How to Perform an Auto Update

    1. Access Update Settings:

      • Navigate to Settings -> System Update.
    2. Enter Purchase Key:

    3. Initiate Update:

      • Click Perform Update to start the process.
      • Your purchase key is saved for future updates after the first use.

    Common Update Issues and Solutions

    Troubleshoot common problems encountered during Concord CRM updates.

    • Common Causes: Issues are usually caused by server settings or wrong permissions for files and folders.
    • Hosted Solution: Our hosted solution automatically handles updates. Try it out for a hassle-free experience.

    1. Server Configuration and Permission Issues

    • Troubleshooting: Issues are often related to server configuration or incorrect file and folder permissions.
    • Hosted Solution: Our hosted solution handles updates automatically. Learn more.

    2. Purchase Key Limitations

    • Multiple Updates: Using one purchase key for multiple auto-updates is not permitted.
    • Licensing: Each Concord CRM license is valid for one domain.

    3. Invalid Purchase Key

    • Verification: Double-check your purchase key and ensure your Envato account is active and not locked due to disputes.

    4. Blank Latest Version Block

    • Server Connection Issue: Contact your hosting provider if the server can't connect to Concord CRM's server. This may be due to outdated PHP curl extensions.

    5. File Permissions Error

    • Permission Check: Ensure all Concord CRM files have permissions set to 0644 and all folders to 0755.
    • Ownership Issues:
      • If problems persist, check file ownership. Files should be owned by the user managing the web server, typically www-data.
      • Consult this guide for detailed instructions.

    Manually Updating

    Sometimes, due to problems with the server, you might need to manually update Concord CRM, even though automatic updating is usually the better option.

    Steps for Manual Update

    1. Download Concord CRM:

      • Get the latest version from your Envato account where Concord CRM was purchased. Download instructions.
    2. Prepare the Release Zip:

      • In the release .zip file, delete public/.htaccess, public/web.config, and public/robots.txt (if modified).
    3. Uploading Files:

      • Upload all files from to your existing Concord CRM installation.
    4. Delete Cache Files:

      • In your existing installation, remove bootstrap/cache/config.php, bootstrap/cache/routes-v7.php, bootstrap/cache/services.php, and bootstrap/cache/packages.php.
    5. Finalize the Update:

      • Visit your Concord CRM URL.
      • Complete any database migrations and patch updates if prompted.
      • Verify the update in Settings -> System -> Update.


    Concord CRM includes a patcher tool designed to address bugs and make minor enhancements without needing a full version update.

    Purpose of Patcher

    • Efficient Bug Fixes: Patches are limited to files necessary for resolving specific issues.
    • Priority on Enhancements: Offering patches promptly is key to ensuring optimal CRM performance and user experience.

    Always check for available patches if you encounter any issues, as they may contain relevant fixes.

    Applying Patches

    • Check for Patches:

      • To see if patches are available for your version, go to Settings -> Update and view the patches section.

    • Apply Patches:

      • Apply patches starting from the oldest to the newest.
      • After applying one patch, the next becomes available for application.

    Version-Specific Patches

    • Relevance to Your Version:
      • Patches are tailored to the specific version you're using.
    • Staying Updated:
      • Keeping your Concord CRM up-to-date ensures access to the latest features, improvements, bug fixes, and patches.

    Regularly applying patches as they become available helps maintain your CRM's functionality and incorporate the latest improvements efficiently.