Automation Workflows

The workflows feature automates your sales and service processes, you need to create activity when deal enters in a specific stage or company is created? Or perhaps you want to make an HTTP request to an external service?

At the current version of Concord CRM, only administrator user can create workflows.

Triggers and Actions

One workflow consists of triggers and actions. A trigger is an action that triggers the workflow, for example, when contact is created, execute a specific action, for example, create activity with subject call the person.

Available Triggers

  • Company Created
  • Contact Created
  • Deal Created
  • Deal Stage Changed
  • Missed Incoming Call

Available Actions

  1. Not all actions listed below are available for all triggers, some actions may be available for specific triggers only.
  2. The actions are not triggered during import.
  • Create Activity

    When a trigger is executed, it creates a activity based on the selected trigger.

  • Send Email

    When a trigger is executed, it sends an email with the provided content and automatically links the email based on the resource record e.q. when contact is created, an email will be sent and the email will be associated automatically with this contact. Note that at this time adding images in workflow emails is not supported in current versions of Concord CRM

  • Trigger Webhook

    Perform an HTTP POST request to an external URL with the resource record data e.q. contact, if the configured HTTP endpoint is protected with CSRF token, make sure to exclude this URL from CSRF validation.

    If you are posting the webhook to a PHP script, use the code below in order to retrieve all the $_POST data.

    $post = file_get_contents('php://input');

Create New Workflow

  • Go to Settings and from the menu choose Workflows.
  • Click Add Workflow.
  • Choose a trigger (when)
  • After you select the trigger, chose an action to be executed.
  • Configure the selected action fields.
  • Click Save.