Automation Workflows

Automate your sales and service processes effectively with Concord CRM's workflows feature. Whether it's creating activities for deals or integrating with external services, workflows streamline these tasks.

As of the current version, only administrators can create workflows in Concord CRM.

Triggers and Actions

Workflows are defined by triggers (events that start the workflow) and actions (tasks performed by the workflow).

Understanding Triggers

  • What Triggers a Workflow: A trigger could be an event like a new contact creation.
  • Example: If a contact is created, the workflow might trigger an action, such as creating a follow-up activity.

Available Triggers

  • Company Created
  • Contact Created
  • Deal Created
  • Deal Stage Changed
  • Missed Incoming Call

Available Actions

  1. Not every action is available for all triggers. Some are specific to certain triggers.
  2. Actions do not execute during data import.
  • Create Activity:

    • Automatically creates an activity based on the trigger.
  • Send Email:

    • Sends an email related to the event and links it to the relevant record (e.g., a newly created contact).
  • Trigger Webhook :

    • Executes an HTTP POST request to an external URL with the data from the triggered event.
    • Note: For CSRF-protected endpoints, exclude the URL from CSRF validation.

    To retrieve $_POST data in a PHP script:

    $post = file_get_contents('php://input');

Creating a New Workflow

  • Access Workflows:
    • In Settings, select Workflows.
  • Workflow Setup:
    • Click Add Workflow.
    • Select a trigger and then choose an action.
    • Configure the action fields.
    • Click Save to activate the workflow.

This workflow feature in Concord CRM empowers you to automate repetitive tasks, ensuring efficiency and consistency in your sales and service processes.