Pusher Integration

Integrate Pusher with Concord CRM to enhance your experience with real-time notifications and seamless email communication through the INBOX feature.

Getting Started with Pusher

Before integrating, create a Pusher account. Sign up here if you haven't already.

Creating a Pusher App

  1. Log In:

  2. Manage Channels:

  3. Create New App:

    • Click Create app.

  4. App Configuration:

    • Name your app (e.g., Concord CRM).
    • Select the appropriate cluster (information on clusters).
    • For stacks, choose Vue.js for front end and PHP for back end.
    • Confirm by clicking Create app.

Obtaining App Keys

  • After creating your app, select App Keys from the sidebar to view your keys.

Setting Up in Concord CRM

  • Concord CRM Configuration:
    • Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Pusher.
    • Input the following keys from Pusher:
    • app_id into the APP ID field.
    • key into the APP Key field.
    • secret into the APP Secret field.
    • cluster into the Cluster field.

With Pusher configured, you're all set to receive instant updates in Concord CRM, ensuring you stay informed and responsive without constant page refreshes.