Calendar & Synchronization

Activities Calendar

The Activities Calendar in Concord CRM lets you see and organize activities. It shows all the activities you and your team have planned, sorted by their start and end dates. This makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be done and when.

  • Due Date Tracking: Quickly check when each task needs to be finished. This helps you focus on important tasks first.
  • End Date Visualization: Know when activities are expected to end. This is helpful for planning what to do next.

Please note that the activities displayed on the calendar is controlled by the roles, for detailed information on setting up and managing user permissions, refer to the Permissions Settings section of our documentation.

Viewing Activities Calendar

To view your activities in a calendar format:

  1. Go to Activities List View: First, navigate to the list view of activities.
  2. Find Calendar Button: Look for a button with a calendar icon, located in the top right corner of the view.
  3. Open Calendar: Click on this button to switch to the calendar view.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Remembering Preferences

    Concord CRM remembers your last view preference. If you open the calendar view, the next time you access activities from the sidebar, it will default to the calendar view for convenience.

  • Switching Back to List View

    If you wish to return to the list view, click on the activities link in the sidebar while on the calendar view, or use the list view button located at the top right of the calendar view.

Note that once the activity is marked as complete, will be automatically removed from the calendar.

Use Calendar With Activities

Concord CRM's calendar, powered by FullCalendar, offers interactive features to enhance your activity management experience.

Resizing and Drag-and-Drop Activities

  • Activities in the calendar can be resized or dragged and dropped to different dates.
  • When you do this, the activity's due date and end date automatically update to reflect the change.

Creating Activities from the Calendar

  • Click on a date in the calendar to create a new activity.
  • An activity creation modal will appear.
  • The due date and time (if in day view) for the new activity are automatically set to the date and time you selected.
  • This feature allows for precise scheduling, making it easier to plan activities at the desired time without manual input.

Setting Default Calendar View

  • You can choose a default view for the calendar based on your preference, ensuring the most relevant information is displayed when you access it.
  • The support views are the following: Day, Week, Month.

Calendar Synchronization

Concord CRM enables 2-way calendar synchronization with popular providers like Google and Outlook, ensuring your schedules are always in sync.

How It Works

  • 2-way Sync: Activities in Concord CRM sync as events in your calendar, and vice versa. Any updates are mirrored on both platforms.
  • Consistent Scheduling: Avoid missing meetings or events, which is crucial for maintaining client relationships and closing deals.

Each user's activities in Concord CRM are synced with their respective calendars.

Setting Up Synchronization

Connecting Your Calendar

  1. Click on your profile at the top left.
  2. Select Calendar Sync.
  3. Choose to Add a new account or select an existing one.

Customization Options

  • Save calendar event as: Choose how synced events are categorized in Concord CRM.
  • Sync specific activity types: Select which activities in Concord CRM sync to your calendar.

Modify activity types for syncing in Settings -> Activities, including custom types.

Only activities/events created after the calendar connection will be synced. Previous items won’t be synchronized.

Recurring events in your calendar won't be fully synced to Concord CRM, only the initial event.

Stopping Calendar Synchronization

To stop syncing your calendar with Concord CRM:

  1. Stop the Sync: Click the "Stop Syncing" button located at the top right of the interface.
  2. Effects of Stopping Sync: After stopping, Concord CRM will no longer update activities and events from the calendar.
  3. Resuming Sync: If you reconnect the same account and calendar later, synchronization will resume from the point it was initially connected. For instance, if you stop syncing and reconnect after a month, Concord CRM will sync events starting from the original connection date.
  • Initial Sync: Initially, only future events are synced when you first connect a calendar.
  • Post-Stoppage Sync: If you reconnect after stopping, events updated during the non-sync period won’t be synchronized.

Synchronization Notes

  • Private events in Google or Outlook calendar won't sync in Concord CRM.
  • Each calendar sync works with the primary calendar of the connected account.
  • If you move event to another calendar from the calendar provider UI the event (activity) will be deleted from Concord CRM, however, if you move it back to the calendar that you are synchronizing, if the event (activity) is still in trash, will be restored, otherwise will be re-created.
  • Guests added to events become contacts in your Concord CRM.