Calendar & Calendar Synchronization

Activities Calendar

Each activity that is created, will be displayed on the activities calendar based on the activity due date and end date, as well the appropriate permissions will be applied for each logged-in user.

To view the activities calendar, navigate to the activities list view and click the button located on the top right side, the one with the calendar icon, after you open the calendar page, Concord CRM will remember the page and the next time you access the activities from the sidebar, will open the calendar automatically instead of the list view.

To switch to the list view again, you can either click on the activities sidebar link while you are on the calendar page, or click the top right side list button.

Note that once the activity is marked as complete, will be automatically removed from the calendar.

Calendar Synchronization

You can have 2 way calendar synchronization between your Concord CRM activities and calendar events added in your favorite calendar provider. At this time Concord CRM supports the two most popular calendar providers Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

Activities created in Concord CRM, will be created as events, and events created in your chosen calendar integration will be created in Concord CRM as activities, of course that the synchronization take care of the updates as well.

Having one unified calendar solution gives you the piece of mind that you won't miss any meeting or scheduled events and loosing deals.

Each user's calendar sync will only sync activities owned by that user in Concord CRM.

In order to synchronize your Google calendar or your Outlook calendar, you will need first to configure their integrations.

Connect Calendar

  • Click on your profile located on the top left side of the sidebar.
  • Click Calendar Sync.
  • Click Add new account or choose a previously added account.

Concord CRM will sync only future created activities/events from the time you connected your calendar, all the previous created activities/events won't be synchronized.

The Save calendar event as option is related to the events in your synced calendar that are synchronized to your Concord CRM installation, and the activity type they will have in Concord CRM after they are synchronized.

The Sync the following activity types to calendar, is related to the activities you want to sync from your Concord CRM installation to the chosen calendar provider.

The activity types listed in the calendar synchronization section can be modified as per your requirements in Settings->Activities, you can add custom activity types only for the synchronization, for example, maybe you want only activities with specific type you create in Concord CRM to be synchronized to your calendar provider.

As Concord CRM does not have recurring activities feature, recurring events created in your integration calendar are not synchronized in Concord CRM, only the first event is.

Stop Calendar Synchronization

In order to stop the calendar synchronization, click the top right Stop Syncing button, when the synchronization is stopped, Concord CRM won't synchronize any activities and events, however, if you later decide to connect the same account and calendar that you previously used to synchronize events, Concord CRM will continue to sync from the actual first time you connected the calendar, means that your previous synchronized activities will be again synced after they are updated.

Technically, when you first connect the account to be synchronized, at the bottom you can see a message "Only future events will be synced.", however, if you stop sync for the account and after 1 month decide again to connect the same account with the same calendar, Concord CRM will sync the events starting from one month ago when you first time connected the calendar, please note that the events updated during the month that synchronization was stopped won't be synchronized after sync is enabled again.

Synchronization Notes

  • Events marked as private in Google or Outlook calendar are not synchronized in your Concord CRM installation.
  • Each calendar sync can synchronize only the connected account primary calendar.
  • If you move event to another calendar from the calendar provider UI the event (activity) will be deleted from Concord CRM, however, if you move it back to the calendar that you are synchronizing, if the event (activity) is still in trash, will be restored, otherwise will be re-created.
  • Guests added to events will be added as contacts in your Concord CRM installation.