Deals Settings


Concord CRM supports multiple pipelines within its deals feature, each with unique stages tailored to your workflow.

  • Default Pipeline: A "Sales Pipeline" comes pre-configured in Concord CRM as a reference.

Create Pipeline

  • Setup: Navigate to Settings --> Deals -> Pipelines and click "Create Pipeline".
  • Creation: Enter a name for the pipeline and click Create.

Pipeline Visibility

Pipelines are visible to the entire company by default. You can customize visibility post-creation:

  • Customize Visibility: In the pipeline edit view, choose Teams or Users to select who can see the pipeline.

The primary pipeline’s visibility cannot be modified.

Pipeline Stages

Edit and reorder pipeline stages to fit your process:

Stage Win Probability

  • Default Setting: Initially set to 100% win probability.
  • Adjustment: Edit stages to set different win probabilities.
  • Ordering: Stages are often ordered from lowest to highest win probability.

Total and Weighted Value

Understand the potential success of deals in your pipeline:

  • Weighted Value: Reflects the likelihood of deal closure. Set stage probabilities accordingly.
  • Examples:
    • A stage with a 20% win probability will show 20% of the total deals value as its weighted value.
    • The total and weighted values differ based on stage probabilities.

Below you can see the total value of your “Qualified to Buy” stage is $17,460.00, however, since that stage has a 20% chance of closing deals, its weighted value is $3,492.00.

"Won" or "Lost" deals display only total deal values, excluding weighted calculations.

Lost Reasons

Add consistent lost reasons for deals marked as lost:

  • Setup: Go to Settings -> Deals and click Create Lost Reason.
  • Creation: Enter the reason's name and click Create.
  • Customization: To prevent manual entry of lost reasons by sales agents, disable the Allow sales agents to enter custom lost reason option.

The lost reason is required by default but can be made optional in Settings -> Deals.