Concord CRM at this time does not offer an option to upload favicon for your installation because of various reasons, in most cases it's because of size for different devices and browsers compatibility.

For this reason, we included option to add your own favicon via Real Favicon Generator Service.

The real favicon generator service will generate browser and device compatible icons that can be used in all devices, to achieve this and add the icon in Concord CRM follow the steps below.

  • Visit https://realfavicongenerator.net.
  • Click Select your favicon image.
  • After the favicon are created, you can customize some of the options that are provided, if you are not familiar with them, you can leave them as default.
  • In the Favicon Generator Options section choose I cannot or I do not want to place favicon files at the root of my web site.
  • Add the following URL: https://crm.domain.com/favicons make sure to replace the crm.domain.com with your actual Concord CRM installation URL.
  • Click Generate your Favicons and HTML code.
  • Download the .zip file with all icons by clicking on the Favicon Package button.

  • Extract the contents from the .zip file you downloaded in your Concord CRM installation at public/favicons.
  • Edit the .env file in the root of your installation and at the bottom of the file add the following contents:

    Read more about editing the .env file.

  • In Concord CRM, navigate to Settings -> System -> Tools and run the clear cache tool.
  • Clear your browser cache and see if the icons are shown fine.