Activities Settings

Sending "Contact Attends to Activity" Emails

Enable this feature to automatically send an email to contacts added as guests in an activity:

  • Email Template: Contacts receive an email with the activity details and an attached .ics file.
  • Use Case: Ideal when you don’t need to send meeting information via email, perhaps due to using external software for meeting management.

Default Activity Type

Set a default activity type for streamlined activity creation:

  • Pre-selected Type: Choose a default type that will automatically be selected for new activities.
  • Customization: Ideal for setting the most commonly used activity type in your company.

Activity Types

Customize types to categorize your activities effectively:

  • Custom Definitions: Define types based on the nature of the activities.
  • Overview Enhancement: Helps in understanding the purpose of each activity at a glance.

System defaults like Call, Deadline, Email, Meeting, Task are integral and immutable. While they can be renamed, altering their meaning is not recommended for system integrity.