Laravel Queues

Did you know that if you are using our hosted solution, queues using Redis are automatically configured for you during installation? Learn more

Concord CRM is fully optimized to handle more heavier tasks like sending emails, executing workflows and processing Zapier zaps using the Laravel Queues feature behind the scenes.

If you have configured a lot workflows to send emails, for example when contact is created, send email to the contact email address, in this case, you may need to wait few more seconds Concord CRM to send the email until you see the contact on the screen.

Because the queue feature requires additional configuration on your server, by default queue is not enabled in Concord CRM installation as we are not certain that the server you are installing Concord CRM can be configured, in most cases, to configure queue you will need a root access to the server.

At this time, the supported queue drivers by Concord CRM are database and redis, you can configure them in the .env like any other Laravel installation.

However, we highly not recommending using the database driver as the database driver should be used for development and testing only. In this case, if you already have redis on your server installed, you can try to configure the redis driver.

We do recommend to check Laravel Queues documentation in order to get more familiar with this feature and it's configuration.

Configuring Laravel Queue requires editing the .env file, read more about editing the .env file.