Laravel Queues

Did you know that if you are using our hosted solution, queues using Redis are automatically configured for you during installation? Learn more

Concord CRM is equipped with powerful tools to handle resource-intensive tasks, such as sending emails, executing workflows, and processing Zapier zaps. Behind the scenes, we leverage Laravel Queues to optimize these processes.

When you've set up workflows, like sending emails when a contact is created, you might notice a slight delay before seeing the contact on your screen. The delay is due to the queue not being configured in Concord CRM.

By default, queue functionality is not enabled in Concord CRM installations. This is because configuring queues may require server-level access, typically granted with root permissions.

Concord CRM supports two queue drivers: database and redis, both of which can be configured in your .env file, similar to other Laravel installations.

However, we strongly discourage using the database driver for anything other than development and testing. If you already have redis installed on your server, we recommend configuring the redis driver for improved performance.

To better understand and configure Laravel Queues, refer to the Laravel Queues documentation.

Configuring Laravel Queue requires editing the .env file, read more about editing the .env file.