Documents Settings

Explore the settings available for the documents feature, feature to help you create and send documents such as proposals, agreements, quotes with optional digital signature.

Default Document Type

You can select a default document type, the choosen type will be always pre-selected when creating a new document, this option is based on your preference and in most cases, you should select the most used document type in your company.

Document Types

Concord CRM documents feature gives you the ultimate flexibility, you can create different document types for your company and use it in Concord CRM.

The installation comes with few default types, but you can add additional types like "Brochure", "Agreement" etc...

The document types is shown when listing documents, viewing document, etc..., you can easily distinguish the type of document you are looking at.

The document types Contract, Proposal and Quote are the system default and cannot be deleted, as these types in future will be used over the system we don't recommend renaming them to some other name that has a different meaning.

Document Type Visibility

By default the document type that you will create is visible to the entire company, however, if needed, the visibility of the type can be adjusted by teams or users.

In this case, when the visibility of the type is restricted to specific teams or users, only the users that are able to view the type will be able to select the type e.q. when creating a new document.

Adjusting the visibility of the type will make sure that sales agents cannot create document of types that they are not authorized, for example, imagine you have an NDA document type that you want only persons from the HR team to create documents with NDA type, in this case, adjusting the visibility of the document type to the HR Team will ensure that no other teams can create non disclosure agreement (NDA) documents.