Documents Settings

Explore the settings available for the documents feature, feature to help you create and send documents such as proposals, agreements, quotes with optional digital signature.

Default Document Type

Enhance efficiency in document creation by setting a default document type in Concord CRM.

  • Pre-selection Convenience: Choose a default document type that will be automatically selected for every new document creation.
  • Optimize for Frequency: Ideally, set the most commonly used document type in your company as the default.

Document Types

Concord CRM's document feature provides flexible options to categorize and manage different types of documents tailored to your company's needs.

Customizing Document Types

  • Default Types: The system comes with pre-set types like Contract, Proposal, and Quote.
  • Adding New Types: Customize by adding types like "Brochure", "Agreement", and more.
  • Usage: Document types are visible when listing and viewing documents, making it easy to identify the type of document at a glance.

Default types Contract, Proposal, and Quote are integral to the system and cannot be deleted. Renaming these to significantly different terms is not recommended for system integrity.

Document Type Visibility

Manage who can view and use different document types in Concord CRM.

  • Default Visibility: By default, any document type you create is visible to everyone in the company.

  • Restrict Access: You can limit visibility to certain teams or users.

  • Use Case:

    • Restricting visibility means only authorized users or teams can select and create documents of that type.
    • For example, an NDA document type can be made visible only to the HR team, preventing other teams from creating such documents.

This feature enhances document management by ensuring that only relevant sales reps can access and create specific types of documents, aligning with your company's operational and security protocols.