Troubleshoot Concord CRM

If you are encountering some issues, first the best is to check the server and application logs. e.q /var/log/apache2/error.log and storage/logs/laravel.log

Also, it's recommended while debugging an issue, to set debug mode in the .env file, APP_DEBUG=true, read more about editing the .env file.

404 Not Found Error

Make sure that your subdomain ROOT Document points to /path/to/concord/public folder and not /path/to/concord folder, we do recommend checking the installation guides to get more familiar with the installation steps.

Cannot See Folder Named Install

The URL /install is a Laravel route and not a folder. You will be redirected to /install if the application detects that the app needs to be installed.

Database Connection Failed

If you are getting error message Database connection failed make sure that the database user credentials are correct, if you recently updated the database user password, you will need to make sure to update the password in the .env file, read more about editing the .env file.

Database Migration Failed

If you are getting error message Database migration failed, check that your database user has enough privileges to perform database actions, additionally, try to increase PHP memory limit.

Invalid Argument Supplied For Foreach

If your cron job is not running and you are get an error ErrorException with message Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/project/vendor/symfony/console/Input/ArgvInput.php

This error indicates the register_argc_argv option is not enabled.

Try one of the following commands:

php -d register_argc_argv=1 /path/to/concord/artisan schedule:run >/dev/null
php -d register_argc_argv=1 /path/to/concord/artisan schedule:run > '/dev/null' 2>&1 &

Make sure to replace /path/to/concord/ with the path to your installation. On some shared hostings you may need to specify full path to the PHP executable (for example, /usr/local/bin/php-8.1 instead of php)